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Compact Digital KVM Matrix Switches
DCX Series

Cost-effective, zero-compression, zero-latency KVM switching

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High-performance Digital KVM Switches for small and midsize businesses with a unique real-time thumbnail preview GUI

The DCX KVM Matrix Switches Series enable you to locate your critical computing hardware in a secure and temperature controlled environment away from the user work station while maintaining the same user desktop experience. These Switches allow transmitting Single Link DVI video up to 1920 x 1200 at 60Hz, USB HID and embedded audio over a single CATx cable up to 50 metres. It provides perfect video synchronisation for single or multiple display applications including touch screens.

Main features include:

  • Unique multi-view intuitive graphical user interface with thumbnail preview: Making it easier to view and switch between multiple screens and on-screen menus. This feature is more intuitive to use than a traditional text-based on-screen menu (OSD) since it shows all connected devices in a layout, making the matrix simple to view at a glance.

  • Affordable and designed for small and medium sized applications migrating from analogue to digital KVM

  • Central management - UI via web browser provides four operation modes: video only, shared, exclusive and private access

  • Fast and reliable 10 or 30-port Digital KVM matrix switching of HD video, audio, and USB

  • Flexible port allocation with up to 23 sources, or up to 29 users

  • Uncompressed signals, lossless quality, zero latency

  • CATx connectivity, PC-powered Server Access Modules (SAMs)

  • Up to 60m total extension

  • Redundant, lockable 12VDC power to switch

VIDEO: DCX Series Digital KVM Switches explained


The DCX series is the ideal high performance KVM application where multiple users are connected to multiple computers, even over end-to-end distances up to 60 metres. The DCX Digital KVM systems provide instantaneous signal switching allowing fast access to new systems which is especially important in fast-paced environments

Industry Applications


  • Ideal for small TV/Radio studios with space limitation and budget restrictions
  • For Satellite News Gathering(SNG) and OBV (Outside Broadcast Van) Operators with space and weight limitations that need to perform editing, voice over and uploading of content in real-time

Data Centres

Ideal for data centres with advanced server maintenance (servers with VGA/DVI out) where the personnel numbers are lower than in enterprise-sized organisations.

Healthcare Labs

Ideal in medical environments where KVM extension and switching benefit sleep laboratories, patient monitoring and laboratory automation.

Science (Labs and Test beds)

Perfect for expanding server room operations at an affordable cost with a small compartment solution.

Video Conferencing

Ideal for small to medium size resellers/system integrators that need connectivity options for conference/board rooms:

  • Wired Interactive Conferencing; Easy Connectivity: CATx and extension Dongle based flexibility VGA/DVI/DP support
  • BYOD Remote control via WebUI

IT (Staging Labs)

Ideal for IT departments of big enterprises with many staff employed in PC assembly/customisation as well as installation/imaging/testing of PCs, hard/software testing.

Process Monitoring and Control

The use of these KVM switches comes in handy when a controller has to monitor multiple computers where a single switch can control various computers, saving equipment at the desk and providing controllers with a detailed overview of the system.

Product Details

Switch like never before
The unique intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) moves away from the tradition of text-only on-screen display (OSD) menus, using auto-refreshed preview thumbnails, giving an intuitive user experience.
Additional hotkey operation.

The GUI automatically configures its layout and preview thumbnails when computer sources are added or subtracted.

Small, yet powerful
The DCX Series come inside a small, compact form enabling multiple users to access up to 23 target computers, connected over distances up to 50 metres from the central switch, in any high-performance KVM applications.

Server Access Modules (SAMs)
Powered by USB, the digital computer access modules sit in-line and are ideal for racks with limited space. Modules are available in DVI, VGA and DisplayPort options.

Zero compression, pixel perfection
Unlike other digital KVM switches, the DCX Series deliver every pixel of every video frame with zero compression and zero latency, fulfilling the needs of even the most demanding graphical applications and guaranteeing perfect video synchronisation for multiple display applications.

24/7 Power reliability
The DCX Digital KVM Switches use locking dual power connections to enable redundant power whilst providing continuous status updates to ensure true 24/7 operation and reliability.

DCX3000 KVM Matrix Switch, 30-Port

  • 30-port slim matrix switch for any number of users and/or a maximum of 23 computer connections.
  • 10 metres to switch, 50 metres to desk (using STP CAT6/7 cable)
  • Scalable CPU/user matrix (up to 23 computers)
  • Zero latency control with zero compression video
  • Single or multi-head operation
  • Configuration via WebUI

DCX1000 KVM Matrix Switch, 10-Port

  • 10 configurable user/computer port digital matrix switch to support any combination of users and servers
  • KVM extension distance of up to 10 m from server access modules (SAM) to switch; up to 50 m from switch to remote (must use shielded CAT6A or CAT7 cable)
  • Delivers lossless HD video in real-time
  • Features USB for keyboard, mouse and touchscreen

DCX Digital Remote Units

  • Switch via Unique UI or quick-fire hotkeys
  • Supports HDMI displays and DVI connections
  • Desk, Rack or DIN mounting options

DCX Server Access Modules

  • Connection for DVI, DisplayPort or VGA and USB
  • Zero rack units (RU)
  • Interface powered

KVM Matrix Switch

Server Access Module

Remote User Station

Solution Compatibility

DCX Series combined with
Freedom™ Trading Desk Switches

View and select up to 90 available simultaneous sources

Combine the DCX series with the Freedom™ switches and get a glide & switch multi-screen, multi-view extended desktop

DCX Series combined with
Agility™ KVM Extenders

Go beyond the signal extension range of 60m

Combine DCX series with the Agility™ KVM extenders for IP-based extensions

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