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Why KVM for Virtualized Infrastructure Is a Game Changer

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An increasing number of organizations are implementing virtual machine-based server infrastructure to save costs on hardware and maintenance and to utilize server resources more flexibly. However, connecting these servers to operator workstations is not always easy because it requires additional network bandwidth and the user experience is sometimes very different from a classic desktop experience. Modern KVM systems that support the connection of virtual machines are an ideal solution to this challenge.

In this 45-minute webinar, you will learn the challenges and benefits of implementing virtual machine-based infrastructure, use cases and application scenarios, and how state-of-the-art KVM matrix switching systems enable connections to virtual machines. Webinar topics:

  • Challenges and benefits of implementing virtualized infrastructures
  • Virtual machine application scenarios and use cases
  • How KVM technology helps you make the connection between servers and users
  • How to leverage system scalability through KVM matrix switching

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