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  Other names for Data Center are computer room, server room, computing industry, computer systems, computer rooms, information technology (IT), Internet data centers (IDCs), servers and networking equipment

Datacenters & Infrastructure

Black Box can take care of all your data center needs 
Black Box Network Services offers end-to-end data center solutions, including evaluation, planning, design, and deployment services.

Enterprises today face new challenges for managing and storing vast amounts of data. Transmission and storage requirements have led to the proliferation of data centers to house complex data processing systems. These centers often include both basic facilities and critical control equipment as well as communications infrastructure, fire safety, and appropriate levels of redundancy provisions.

Guidelines for Data Centers
Our expert teams are familiar with the standards and guidelines for the design of a Data Centers so will be certain to provide you with a combination of technologies that will work for you.

With Black Box you get the right
Black Box Webshop for Data centers
Black Box Network Services also offers more than 10.000 products to fully support data center operations. Including CAT5 to CAT7 and fiber optic cabling systems, cabinets and racks, KVM, networking, remote monitoring and management, and more.

Black Box Explains Data Centers
Structured Cabling  Power
Cabinets Security

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