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Ethernet Extender Buyer's Guide

Choose from our wide variety of Ethernet Extenders with ranges up to 10km

Ethernet Extender Guide
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Extend your Ethernet connections over existing twisted pair cabling between two locations, and get the best combination of speed and distance available. Find the combination of distance and number of wires available in the matrix below, and see which Black Box Ethernet Extender will fulfill your needs.

2-wire 4-wire 8-wire

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Distance In Metres
  300m 600m 1800m 2000m 2400m 3000m 7000m 10000m
> 1 Mbps          
5.7 Mbps        
11.4 Mbps              
22.8 Mbps            
30 Mbps            
60 Mbps              
100 Mbps