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Video Splitters Guide
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If you need to display your video signal on more than one screen, you can easily split your signal using video splitters from Black Box. In this overview you can find a splitter that will suit your needs. We can split VGA, DVI, HDMI and more.

Please note that this buyer's guide contains devices that are merely intended for splitting video. For more information on solutions that extend, scale or convert video in addition to splitting video or if you have any questions regarding the products in this buyer's guide, please contact our free Tech Support.

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Video standard
Connector HDMI DVI VGA
Max Resolution HD 1080p 4K SL 1920x1200
HD 1080p
DL 2560x1600 1920x1200
With Audio Support   
1 x 2 Splitter  
1 x 4 Splitter  
1 x 8 Splitter  
Without Audio Support   
1 x 2 Splitter    
1 x 4 Splitter      
1 x 8 Splitter        

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