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Managing video signal distribution should be easy, that's why our solutions allow you to easily switch one or multiple video sources between one or more screens.

Discover our wide selection of video switches and choose the most suitable video switches for easy video signal distribution.

Set up video distribution systems to deploy digital signage, enhance presentations, and extend HD video beyond the boardroom.

Select from an assortment of video switchers for multiple input/output configurations. Available in multiple form factors (single output or matrix), video formats and resolution capabilities.

  • Switch one AV source between several displays
  • Control an array of AV signals with flexibility and simplicity
  • Route AV signals from multiple sources to one or more displays

HDMI Switches

Display HDMI audio/video on multiple displays with crystal-clear images. Select your model depending on the number of required sources/displays and control options

HDMI In-/ Outputs Max. Res. HDCP Extra Audio Outputs Serial IR IP Extras SKU
HDMI 2.0 4x4 4K 2.2 3D AVS-HDMI2-4x4
HDMI 2.0 8x8 4K 2.2 3D AVS-HDMI2-8x8
HDMI 1.3 2x1 4K/30 UHD 1.1     3D VSW-HDMI2X1-4K
HDMI 2.0 3x1 4K/60 UHD 2.2         VSW-HDMI2-3X1
HDMI 1.3 4x1 4K/30 UHD 1.1     3D VSW-HDMI4X1-4K
HDMI 1.4 2x2 4K/30 UHD 2.0     3D VSW-HDMI2X2-4K
HDMI 1.4 4x2 4K/30 UHD 2.0     3D VSW-HDMI4X2-4K
HDMI 2.0 8x2 4K 2.2     AVSC-HDMI2-8x2
HDMI 1.4/ DVI, VGA 8x2 4K/30 UHD 1.4     incl. scaling AVSC-0802H
HDMI 1.4/ DVI, VGA 12x4 4K/60 UHD Modular AVS-1600-R2

DisplayPort Switches

Show the audio/video from multiple DisplayPort sources on one high-resolution screen. Choose your model depending on the required number of sources and control options.

DisplayPort In-/Outputs Max. Resolution HDCP Extra Audio Outputs Serial IR SKU
Displayport 8x2 1080p / 1920x1200 2.2   AVSC-HDMI2-8x2

DVI Switches

Switch between multiple sources and display DVI video with or without audio on your full HD DVI-screen.

In-/Outputs Max. Resolution HDCP Extra Audio Outputs Serial IR SKU
4x1 1920x1200 AVSW-DVI4X1
4x1 1920x1200   AVSC-0401H
8x2 1920x1200   AVSC-0802H
8x1 1920x1200 AVSW-DVI8X1
2x1 1600x1200   AC1032A-2A
4x1 1600x1200   AC1032A-4A

VGA Switches

Choose from a variety of standard or matrix video switches with a variety of control and extension options. These VGA video switches grant crystal-clear video and a reliable operation.

In-/Outputs Max. Resolution Extra Audio Outputs Serial IR Extras SKU
2x1 1600x1200     video extension AC505A
2x1 1600x1200   video extension AC505A-2A-R2
4x1 1600x1200     video extension AC506A
4x1 1600x1200   video extension AC506A-4A
4x1 1920x1440   AVSW-VGA-4X1A
8x1 1920x1440   AVSW-VGA-8X1A
8x2 1920x1200   video extension AVSC-0802H
8x2 1920x1200     AVSC-HDMI2-8x2
12x4 1920x1200 Modular AVS-1600-R2
24x8 1920x1200 Modular AVS-3200-R2