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CATx Cable Selector Guide

Choose from our selection of CATx bulk and patch cables.

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Cabling is one of the most important components of your network. Choosing the right cabling can be a daunting proposition as we move forward to 10-/40-/100-Gbps, even 1 TB networks. You have to consider many factors including cost, mobility, convergence, and even applications that haven't been developed yet. Our CATx Cable Selector Guide will help you select the right CATx patch or bulk cable for your application.

Category CAT5e CAT6 CAT6A
Frequency 100 MHz 350 MHz 250 MHz+ 550 MHz+ 600 MHz+
Type UTP Shielded UTP Shielded UTP Shielded UTP Shielded UTP Shielded
Patch Cables                    
No Boot            
Snagless Boot Premium                
Snagless Boot Connect                
High Density              
High Density. LSZH              
Lockable, LSZH            
Slim Net                
Blade Server              
Bulk Cables                    
Bulk Solid      
Bulk Stranded            
Bulk LSZH        
Bulk Outdoor