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Buyer's Guides

Compare models and choose the right option for you

Desktop KVM Switches Product Selector

Desktop KVM Switches Product Selector

Choose from our wide selection of Desktop KVM Switches

KVM Extender Portfolio

KVM Extender Guide

Use this guide to find the right KVM extender to fit your application.

KVM Drawer Product Selector

KVM Drawer Product Selector

Choose from multiple options for convenient server control at the rack

NIAP-certified Secure KVM Switches

Black Box offers a wide range of NIAP PP PSD 4.0 certified Secure KVM Switches, offering the highest protection profile available on the market today as well as a range of NIAP 3.0 certified KVM Switches for existing installations.

DKM Extender Configurator

Get help to configure modular KVM Extenders for the DKM FX solution

Configure your ServSwitch DKM FX Matrix by adding the various modules and transmitter cards to the base unit.

Video Adapters

Video Adapters Product Selector

Choose from our wide selection of Video Adapters

Video Switches

Video Switches Guide

Discover our wide selection of video switches and choose the most suitable video switches for easy video signal distribution.

Video Extenders

Video Extenders Guide

Browse our Black Box Video Extenders alternatives and efficiently extend the reach of your installations and future-proof your system.

Video Splitters

Video Splitter Guide

In this overview you can find a Video Splitter that will suit your needs. We can split VGA, DVI, HDMI and more.

Ethernet Switch Selector

Ethernet Switch Selector

From the edge of your network to harsh, difficult environments, you'll find the right Ethernet switch at Black Box

Media Converter Selector

Media Converter Selector

Choose the right media converter to connect two dissimilar media types

USB Hubs and USB Extenders from Black Box

USB Products Guide Guide

Choosing the right USB products for your application is now just as effortless with our USB Product Selectors for extenders, hubs, converters, and cables.

Ethernet extenders and DSL Modems

Ethernet Extender/DSL Modem Guide

Extend your Ethernet connections over existing twisted pair cabling between two locations, and get the best combination of speed and distance available.

We guide you in finding the right CATx cable

CATx Cable Selector Guide

Our CATx Cable Selector Guide will help you select the right CATx patch or bulk cable very easy.

We guide you in finding the right Fibre optic cable

Fibre Optic Cable Guide

Easily select the right type of fibre-optic cable for your specific application.

product finder USB Cable

USB Products Guide Guide

The right cable for your Universal Serial Bus devices!

See the pinning and look of connectors in our Connector Guide

Connector Guide

See images and pinning diagrams of the most used connectors and get help in identifying which type you need.